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Re: From Rawhide to Moonshine

    Dear friends,

 Same thing happened to me: Automatic update created an F7/F8 mix.
After the updates, all fonts shrank to ridiculously tiny sizes. I
tried to fix it by setting all theme fonts to larger sizes, but some
applications still use tiny fonts, for example the editor of Eclipse,
although it is supposed to use theme fonts. Font selection tool in
Eclipse does not work.

 What a pity, I was hoping to have a nice clean full F7 by today,
instead I have a mess. I signed up to test F7T4, not F8. F8 sneaked up
on me.

 Downloading F7 now takes forever. ATrpms is currently not responding
at all, which I need to make my wireless working (at least, I think I

 There should be an option in yum to revert the most recent updates.
Is there? Thanks.

    Take care

On 5/31/07, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram redhat com> wrote:
Wietse Muizelaar wrote:

> Thnx. Unfortunately, I updated this morning, and there were 117 (or
> something like that) packages updated; but already with all kind of
> fc8-suffixes. When I installed this rpm, is it possible in some more or
> less easy way to revert those updates? Now I have a 'mixed' system,
> which I would like to fix to a fedora7-system.
> Thanks in advance for your reply.

Do a clean installation. Reverting will be a pain that's not worth the


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