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Re: Rawhide Live Images

avahi failed to start, pulse audio volume control: "connection failed: connection refused", gparted started very slow (amd xp/1833/512mb, old 20gb seagate hdd), enable desktop effects crashed x.
 the rest worked beautiful, tomorrow i wanna install to hard drive.

2007/9/5, Ronald Warsow <rwarsow online de>:
Jeremy Katz wrote:
> A new full set of rawhide live images is available based on today's
> rawhide plus a slightly smaller desktop-backgrounds-basic package (which
> will be in tomorrow's rawhide).  I've done some very very basic testing
> with it, but it'd be good to get as many eyes on the bits as possible in
> the lead-up to Test 2.

> Jeremy

... so I had a short view on a i386 box:

- avahi-daemon: segfault at 00000000 eip 0804cc50 esp bfc78460 error 4
   on boot up, but is restartable without segfault

- p54 / prism54 firmware (isl3886/3890) would be "a nice to have ",
   mr. nielsen !

   ( this nic talks wpa/wpa2 now, thanks michael wu and others )

- i personal would prefer wireshark than the games

the next days a hd install...


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