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Fedora 8 Test 2 on an Inspiron 9300

Here's some initial comments after installing f8t2.

The installer seems a lot nicer, but I did have an issue with screen
refresh when manually setting up partitions.  The dialog which lets you
tell where to mount partitions would leave a blank screen where it had
been when it closed.

Also, this is an old issue I've never raised, but I have a partition
which I mount as '/var/www'.  Each time I install fedora, it incorrectly
guesses this partition as having been '/var' and not '/var/www'.  Is
this a bug?

Evolution doesn't filter spam, which is a huge pain in the bum.  I use
bogofilter to filter spam and under f7 it's been great.  I've installed
bogofilter, but evolution-bogofilter (or was it bogofilter-evolution)
doesn't seem to exist.  Is this still supported, or should I be using
something else.

Evolution also doesn't sort by date in a descending order.  I sort new
mail by date, but prefer to have the most recent emails at the top.
Evolution doesn't seem to want to do this anymore.

My laptop doesn't wake from suspend.  I'm pretty sure this is the old
'nv' driver doesn't wake from suspend issue I've had before and the
sooner I can get that disease ridden nvidia driver (from livna)
compiled, the sooner I can confirm this.  However, the build method has
changed and I can't figure it out, so if someone can give me a hand
getting this working, then I can file a bug against the 'nv' driver with
regard to resume issues.

The disk mounter applet is showing mountable partitions
including /, /var/www (which is lists as /var), /boot and /mount/vmware.
The former too are not mounted and are actually part of my f7 install.
I'm not sure if this is a feature or not.

That's about all I've noticed so far.  Here's hoping someone can help me
help you solve these issues.


"It's a fine line between denial and faith.
 It's much better on my side"

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