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Re: Gnome Panel needs Mono?!

Jim Cornette wrote:
Martin Sourada wrote:

I wanted to run another set of updates in rawhide and noticed one thing
I think is very bad - gnome-panel pushes tomboy which in turn pushes all
the C# stuff in. I simply don't understand why should gnome-panel
require tomboy (the more it is turned off safely on archs where tomboy
isn't available and the more it worked without problems without it so
far). Until this is fixed I will either rebuild gnome-panel package
without the dependency on tomboy, or stay with gnome-panel-2.19.92-4.fc8.


Why the push for C# applications? Is it a SuSE & Microsoft move?

The OP's question was reasonable. You are adding unnecessary flames to it. Don't do that. I assume it was done to pull in Tomboy by default since it part of GNOME and installed by default but can probably be done better via comps.xml. Same goes for gthumb and GNOME volume manager.


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