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Re: Updated F8T2 x86_64 - Can't run Eclipse 3.3.0-19.fc8 as normal user

Andrew Overholt wrote:
* Jim Hayward <jimhayward earthlink net> [2007-09-18 19:57]:
On Tue, 2007-09-18 at 10:23 -0400, Andrew Overholt wrote:
I'm not seeing this on x86_64 or x86 with IcedTea or gcj.  Note that you
shouldn't run Eclipse as root because it modifies files in
/usr/share/eclipse if it can write there which can then mess up future
running as a regular user.
Interesting. I only tried running it as root AFTER I could not start
Eclipse as my normal user. 

The F8T2 was a clean install, leaving my old home partition unformatted.
I didn't have any problems previously running Eclipse in F7. 

I'll try uninstalling/reinstalling Eclipse, making
sure /usr/share/eclipse is empty and try again.

I don't *think* this should cause a problem, but try temporarily moving
~/.eclipse out of the way and see if that fixes it.

I was on a totally fresh installed system, so there is no old  ~/.eclipse to mess up things.


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