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Re: sound broken by latest update

Ben Little wrote:
well this is a little odd I went into my volume control and selected the oss mixer for my device and tested a local file and got sound, then I switched to the alsa device and got sound.

then I switched back to asla on the snd-intel device and sound magically works again.

I'm not sure what happened there, but apparently I just needed to touch the settings to make it work again?

I hate magicians but damn I sure do love magic!

Sorry Gilbert, not using those sound players so I won't be much help there

On 9/24/07, *Gilbert Sebenste* <sebenste weather admin niu edu <mailto:sebenste weather admin niu edu>> wrote:

    On Mon, 24 Sep 2007, Ben Little wrote:

    > hi ho,
    > it looks like the following package updates have broken sound in
    the flash
    > player plugin
    > Sep 22 21:12:10 Installed: pulseaudio-lib -
    > Sep 22 21:12:40 Installed: alsa-oss-libs - 1.0.14-3.fc8.i386
    > I had installed liboss to fix sound after the last update but
    now it appears
    > to be broken again.
    > 2.6.23-0.193.rc7.git1.fc8

    Actually, with the latest FC7 kernel ( <>),
    I am getting no audio. I
    use Icecast to capture, Darkice to stream. Servers are up; I'm
    them to port 8010 but I'm getting a "denied connection" error.

    Anyone else seeing this?

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Sound works fine here, it just resets the volume of master and record to zero each reboot. Once adjusted with alsamixer it is OK.

Latest rawhide.

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