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Re: F8T2 (x86_64) Initialisation of dual network interfaces

right :) maybe the networks are ....

2007/9/27, Harald Hoyer <harald redhat com>:
richard mullens schrieb:
> I have an Asus P5B Deluxe motherboard and I have been trying the live CD.
> There are two on-board NICs (both Marvell Technology Group Ltd.):-
> eth0 is 88E8056 PCI-E Gigabit ethernet controller
> eth1 is 88E8001            Gigabit ethernet controller.
> When the system comes up, System->Administration->Network shows
> eth1 active, but eth0 inactive
> I don't know what is the intent.  I have internet connections on each
> interface (cable and ADSL) - so I would like both to be usable.
> I can activate eth0.
> eth0 is
> eth1 is
> In a way that I haven't elucidated, activating an interface may alter
> the default gateway -
> I use ping -R to determine which route is taken.
> Do I need two different hostnames/domainnames if I have two internet
> connections ?

eth0 is
eth1 is

??? .0 ?? .0.0 ??

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