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Re: An internal system error has occured

Alan wrote:
On Fri, 4 Apr 2008 16:42:45 +0200, Michael Schwendt wrote:

An internal system error has occured

Do not show this notification again

Is what I see on the F9 Desktop in the bottom right corner.
Looks like PackageKit, whose icon appeared a short time before
This is likely related to NetworkManager messing up the network
connection. In Anaconda, I asked for eth0 to be brought up via
DHCP. This choice is ignored. Both eth0 and eth1 are brought up
also with zeroconf values in a very stubborn way, and I need to
ifdown/ifup eth0 manually before DNS and network access work.

I see that error as well, and it happens any time there is no network connection at all, even when NM is not controlling them. I've been using legacy network configuration and it also shows up there.

This also shows up if something else has yum locked at the time.  If I am
doing updates via yumex before packagekit wakes up, it will crap out with
this message.  (I use yumex because I can apply the updates in smaller
chunks.  When you have a crappy wireless connection and 500+megs of
updates, breaking then up helps.)

I agree breaking them up helps, but you can test this with PK too. When you review updates you can uncheck the boxes on the left, leaving just those to not get updated. Unfortunately, its slow to uncheck a few hundred of them.

It would really help to have an uncheck all option, or a 'none' button.

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