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Re: Rawhide xdvik obsoleted by F8 tetex-xdvi

Matthew Saltzman wrote:

It looks like xdvik-22.84.13-15.fc9 has this problem fixed, it now provides tetex-xdvi = 3.0-99 which should be newer than the fc8 update.

Try installing the newer xdvik from rawhide:
yum --enable-repo=development update xdvik

         tetex-xdvi              x86_64     3.0-44.3.fc8     updates

If the new package doesn't fix it, one option would be to just use --exclude=tetex-xdvi for awhile, even making a yum alias if you want to:
alias yum="yum --exclude=tetex-xdvi"

in your .bashrc will do the trick (don't forget this is there...)

        906 k
             replacing  xdvik.x86_64 22.84.13-10.fc9

Did you try using yum-versionlock and adding xdvik to your /etc/yum/pluginconf.d/versionlock.list? It should have prevented anything from changing xdvik, which updating to tetex-xdvi would do.

I think the new package should fix this however.

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