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Re: Volume control error.

Andrew Farris wrote:
Adrin Jalali wrote:
In sound card detectoin, my sound card is detected and test sound can be played. An application like scorched3d can play sound, but no sound can be played when I run amarok, it says
*** PULSEAUDIO: Unable to create stream.
amarokapp: pcm_pulse.c:115: pulse_stop: Assertion `pcm->stream' failed.
I know that the problem is not related to amarok, but how can I fix it ?

This does not appear to be in Bugzilla, please report it there (against pulseaudio as a place to start). Thats the first step to fixing it. :)

This looks pretty similar to backtraces I've got of rhythmbox crashing..

Anyway, you should get that into bz, and put the bug number back in here, I'll see if I get the same thing to happen in amarok since I get similar crashes.

I have not reported the rhythmbox issue in bz yet since those crashes always happened at the same time other app crashes occurred.

Thanks, I reported here :


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