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Re: Rawhide - drivel needs a rebuild

Patrick wrote:

Don't know if this is an accepted way of mentioning it instead of filing
a bug. Hitting bz for small things like this seems overkill. Actually
I'm not even sure if this needs mentioning :) So pointers welcome.
Laptop with F9 updated to todays' Rawhide.

$ sudo yum install drivel
Error: Missing Dependency: libsoup-2.2.so.8()(64bit) is needed by
package drivel-2.1.1-0.3.20071130svn.fc9.x86_64 (development)

$ rpm -qi libsoup | grep Version
Version     : 2.3.0

Also, the drivel version is a bit confusing. I got the srpm from koji
and it seems to contain 2.0.3.

See the rawhide report for today 20070207, dependencies list:
drivel-2.1.1-0.3.20071130svn.fc9.x86_64 requires libsoup-2.2.so.8()(64bit)

So a general rule, check the rawhide report daily (it should mail out after the repos are rebuilt) for things like this. It really does not need to get to bugzilla, since the maintainers are getting emails once a day about these. If you see dep issues that are not listed in the report, then bring them to the list or bz.

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