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Re: adding memory to my laptop causes subsequent f9a installs to fail

Clyde E. Kunkel wrote:
Robert P. J. Day wrote:
however, just for fun, i put the 1G back in, started the install and
just let memtest run for the last several hours.  it claims to have
located 4 bad addresses, but they're all *within* the first 512M, so
that doesn't really clarify anything, does it?

at this point, i'm stopping memtest and i'll try for another install
and, if it hangs, i'll look for some diagonstic messages on the first
few virtual consoles.

stay tuned ...


Memory errors in the original 512M? I am sure this is your problem, not the addon memory. Have seen this myself...memory is loaded in different locations based on the top range. Try to get your orig 512m replaced.

First, try it on one of your other spares:-)



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