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Re: F9alpha AMD-64 HP DC7700 SFF switch_root: no filesystems

John Summerfield wrote:

Does anyone recognise the problem, and importantly, does anyone have a quick fix?

The current status is this.
1. The 32-bit F8 rescue CD does not work on 64-bit systems. However, the 64-bit F8 rescue does work. 2. Andrew's .65 kernel works as well as the .64 kernel. THey don't find my disk drives, although they do find the interfaces. 3. In my downloaded yum cache I have two kernels, the one installed with the yum upgrade, and a older one. I installed the old one and that allows me to boot.
4. No desktop works with selinux enforcing. Not even for root. More later.
5. Once booting to runlevel 5, I cannot switch to other consoles using control-alt-Fn. This _might_ be partly because of something that I've done, but if it's not I'm really not happy.

My first impression of KDE4 is it's a shocker. Ugly and hard to use. More later. atm it's locked up.



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