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Re: KDE 4 live image for i686

Kevin Kofler <kevin.kofler <at> chello.at> writes:
> I tested the live CD on my primary computer (Pentium 4, Radeon 9200SE). What 

Some more testing:

* I tried out the KWin desktop effects:
- the good news: The effects work nicely on this hardware (r200_dri).
- the bad news: Some effect changes crash KWin (SIGSEGV). Once it restarts 
automatically, the changed effects are applied just fine, but it shouldn't 
segfault in the first place. A change as simple as disabling desktop effects 
crashes it (whereas enabling them doesn't). Changes in the widget style effects 
crashed it too, so I wonder if it's the "updating system configuration" stuff 
which crashes it.

* For some reason, the restart and logout options in the menu didn't work. 
(They just did nothing. No clue as to what the actual problem was.) I had to 
Ctrl+Alt+Bksp and then use the restart option in KDM to be able to reboot into 
my regular Fedora 8 installation.

        Kevin Kofler

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