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Re: BlackBerry barry libboost_serialization.so.2 and Fedora 8

I had to use Fedora 7 software on Fedora 8 to get past "Missing Dependency: libboost_serialization.so.2 is needed by package barry-util" and make it work.  This will method will also clobber your OpenOffice installation.  I haven't looked into fixing it so until I do, you do, or someone else does, you'll have to choose between barry working or OpenOffice working but not both.  If you are patient enough I'm sure someone or the good folks at barry will package a Fedora 8 version soon.  So, continue reading if you want barry util to work more than OpenOffice...

1) Ensure you have every program you need, run this from the command line/terminal:
yum install pkgconfig libusb-devel openssl-devel boost-devel libtar libtar-devel gtkmm24-devel glibmm24-devel libglademm24-devel zlib-devel

2) Uninstall boost-1.34.1-5.fc8.i386, libicu-devel & libicu (I had version 3.8-3.fc8.i386), this is where OpenOffice stops working:
yum remove boost-1.34.1-5.fc8.i386 libicu-devel libicu

3) Find, download and install:

Try installing barry util (barry-util-0.11-1.fc7.i386.rpm) again and it should work.  Sorry about your OpenOffice but you've been warned.  I'm sure there is a better way to make everything work.

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