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Re: Rhythmbox

Antonio M wrote:
2008/1/8, Andrew Farris <lordmorgul gmail com>:
Antonio M wrote:
2008/1/7, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org>:
Antonio M wrote:
I have found from the crash report that it looks for service
yum-updatesd (and if not running it crashes).
Is it true??
That isn't likely. Where is the crash report?

I apologize, but it seems that I forgot to save it- too late, here..I
suppose time to go to bed :-)
Unless you had deliberately stopped updatesd I would suspect something had
caused it to fail starting which also was effecting rhythmbox (i.e. ___ caused
both updatesd and rhythmbox problems).

my question is why Rhythmbox should need to have updatesd running.
I use to disable updatesd, so the user is not annoyed by popup
windows, only the administrator should see any availability of
updates...my two cents

I was basically agreeing with Rahul that rhythmbox probably did not require updatesd to be running, but instead something common between them had failed (causing both rhythmbox and updatesd to fail). You're right that rhythmbox should not be aware of or depend on updatesd, but there could be something else; they both send messages with dbus I believe, and display messages in the panel, both attempt to make network connections, etc.

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