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Fwd: Google Earth

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From: Antonio M <antonio montagnani gmail com>
Date: 12-gen-2008 15.41
Subject: Re: Google Earth
To: For users of Fedora <fedora-list redhat com>

2008/1/11, Lamar Owen <lowen pari edu>:
> On Thursday 10 January 2008, Karl Larsen wrote:
> >     It sounds to me since it does the same thing on F7 and F8 that there
> > might be a problem with google-earth. It might be that it is designed to
> > work in the ubuntu operating system.
> I'm running Google Earth right now on my F8 system.  I didn't have to do
> anything special.  The system is a Dell Inspiron 640m laptop with Intel
> graphics, and Google Earth 'Just Worked' with no extra drivers required.
> On my desktop F8 system, the only difference is that I have an nVidia card (so
> that SecondLife will work; we are doing some educational development in SL);
> in order to get GoogleEarth to work, I installed the livna nvidia driver, and
> it just works.
> The livna RPM of the nVidia driver IS THE NVIDIA DRIVER THAT NVIDIA
> DISTRIBUTES; it's just packaged properly for Fedora, and just works (at least
> on my hardware).  If you use the raw nVidia driver file you will have
> problems due to the GL library problem already mentioned; the nVidia raw
> driver simply doesn't respect the existing ownership of some files, and,
> since it was installed to allow the RPM database to know about that, the next
> time that portion of you system is updated the nVidia files will be
> overwritten (which will crash the nVidia driver).  And, if the nVidia
> installer doesn't register those overwritten files with the RPM database,
> just exactly how does RPM know to not overwrite when that portion is updated?
> This is nVidia's fault for not working with the installed system's package
> manager; it's not Fedora's fault.
> The livna crew have made the nVidia distributed binary drivers 'Fedora-fied'
> (for lack of a better word) and the system then works correctly.
> Again, the livna nVidia drivers ARE the nVidia written and distributed
> drivers, just with the packaging change to allow the nVidia driver to
> peacefully coexist with the rest of the system.
> This is one reason that, if at all possible, I try to always use properly RPM
> packaged programs rather than try to build from source (there is one major
> exception to this rule for me, and that is Plone, since the Plone versioning
> is pretty critical, and upgrades aren't necessarily smooth; plus, Zope and
> Python 2.5 are not friends yet; in the Plone case I use the plone.org unified
> installer, which installs all needed dependencies in a separate tree).  If i
> install a package that overwrites an RPM-managed file, then I can EXPECT an
> upgrade to the package that, according to the RPM database, owns that file,
> to cause system breakage.  This  is basic system administration stuff.
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> Lamar Owen
> www.pari.edu
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 and after latest (this morning) Xorg updates my GoogleEarth didn't
work any longer: I am waiting that Firefox will allow me to download
again GE and re-install (not sure which version is on my PC...) to
Any way, I think that the problem is connected to drivers and not to GE.
I am using nv driver, now I have same problem, user is immediately
loggesd out as soon as it starts GE...

Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

Antonio Montagnani
Skype : antoniomontag

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