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Re: Latest rawhide update killed xorg nv driver

> gjohnson5 wrote:
> My laptop had the same issue.  If you are using the official NVIDIA drivers
> then the X server may not work.  I had to switch to the NV driver (which is
> provided by Fedora) and that corrected the problem.  I will try to
> re-install the official NVIDIA drivers
> http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_169.07.html [1]
> If I have read correctly that the official NVIDIA drivers do work now

The official NVIDIA drivers don't work for me.  
Legacy 71.86.01 driver installer doesn't find the source on Fedora F9.  Riva TNT2 card.  kernel-2.6.24-0.150.rc7  Is the funky designation for the release candidate kernel the problem?  I see there is a December update on NVIDIA for the newer cards but September with F8 is the latest for the legacy cards.

Why doesn't the modeline work in xorg.conf for the nv driver?  Is it an xorg issue or fedora?  The auto sensing for my RIVA TNT2 card leaves an inch of black on the right side of my screen.  xvidtune will shift the display and match the monitor width but putting the parameters it shows in a modeline in xorg.conf does nothing.  The xserver starts with the same problem as without the modeline.

Robert McBroom

[1] http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_169.07.html

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