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Re: [Fwd: LiveCD with KDE-4.0.0]

Sebastian Vahl wrote:

> Am So 13.Januar 2008 schrieb Andrew Parker:
>> On Jan 13, 2008 11:50 AM, Andrew Parker <andrewparker bigfoot com> wrote:
>> The following kmenu entries don't have proper icons (so the ugly
>> question mark in a rectangle icon is used):
>> Games -> arcade -> ball bouncing game
>> Games -> board -> five in a row board game
>> Internet -> Mobile phone tool
>> Internet -> Network folder wizard
>> System -> Add/Remove software
>> System -> Network Manager
>> Utilities -> More applications -> System cleaner
>> Utilities -> Accessibility -> Text to speech manager
>> Utilities -> File -> PalmDOC Converter
>> Utilities -> Peripherals -> Mobile Phone Tools
>> Help
> FYI: I've also set up on sunday a wiki page to collect these missing
> icons: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/SebastianVahl/KDE4MissingIcons

Fwiw (and imo and all that), missing icons are less a KDE issue, and more
likely an issue that those particular apps are either using non-standard
icons (ie, ones not present in all icon themes) and/or not using/installing
their own "hicolor" icon.

A hack here would be to make kde4's default icon theme (oxygen) fall back to
using echo (or whatever theme these apps are assuming in use).

-- Rex

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