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Re: kernel-2.6.24-0.133.rc6.git8.fc9 cannot boot (system hang)

Osman Omar wrote:
I do yum update against fedora development, so I think I install latest package. Do you mean I need to build initrd.img manually?

On Mon, 07 Jan 2008 02:26:48 -0800
Andrew Farris <lordmorgul gmail com> wrote:

Osman Omar wrote:

I'm using kernel- I update to kernel-2.6.24-0.133.rc6.git8.fc9. During boot, it just hang. On screen I can see many error "No such file or directory"

Below are some of the error

Mounting root filesystem.
mount: count not find filesystem '/dev/root'
Looks like you've got a bad initrd image without the proper drivers for your hardware. To move from the fc8 to fc9 kernel you'll be needing to get the new mkinitrd package I think as well, did you do that? You may need to uninstall the kernel, update mkinitrd, then reinstall the kernel. If that fails you might have to try building the initrd manually.

Sorry, I didn't see your reply email to me. What I meant there was that the mkinitrd package in development had been broken several times, and if you install a kernel while mkinitrd is not working correctly, then you'll have to fix it by either 1) uninstall and reinstall the kernel with a working mkinitrd packge, or 2) manually run mkinitrd (again needing a version that works) and manually replacing the initrd.img in your /boot with the new one you made.

But I hope you got a new kernel by now and things are working.

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