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azureus update pulling in i386 deps on x86_64

Is anyone else on x86_64 seeing the azureus update
pulling in a huge amount of i386 packages as deps? It never use to do

Dependencies Resolved

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
 azureus                 x86_64    updates            16 M
Installing for dependencies:
 GConf2                  i386       2.20.1-1.fc8     fedora            1.6 M
 ORBit2                  i386       2.14.10-2.fc8    fedora            187 k
 atk                     i386       1.20.0-1.fc8     fedora            212 k
 avahi                   i386       0.6.21-8.fc8     updates           237 k
 avahi-glib              i386       0.6.21-8.fc8     updates            17 k
 bzip2-libs              i386       1.0.4-12.fc8     fedora             37 k
 cairo                   i386       1.4.12-1.fc8     updates           558 k
 cups-libs               i386       1:1.3.5-1.fc8    updates-testing   198 k
 dbus-glib               i386       0.73-5.fc8       updates           160 k
 dbus-libs               i386       1.1.2-7.fc8      fedora            125 k
 firefox                 i386   updates            21 M
 fontconfig              i386       2.4.2-5.fc8      fedora            177 k
 freetype                i386       2.3.5-3.fc8      fedora            330 k
 gail                    i386       1.20.2-1.fc8     updates           290 k
 gamin                   i386       0.1.9-4.fc8      fedora            123 k
 glib2                   i386       2.14.5-1.fc8     updates-testing   843 k
 gnome-keyring           i386       2.20.3-1.fc8     updates-testing   210 k
 gnome-vfs2              i386       2.20.1-1.fc8     updates           1.1 M
 gnutls                  i386       1.6.3-2.fc8      fedora            396 k
 gtk2                    i386       2.12.3-3.fc8     updates           6.7 M
 hal-libs                i386       0.5.10-1.fc8     fedora             60 k
 libIDL                  i386       0.8.9-1.fc8      fedora             87 k
 libXcomposite           i386       0.4.0-3.fc8      fedora             14 k
 libXcursor              i386       1.1.9-1.fc8      fedora             29 k
 libXft                  i386       2.1.12-3.fc8     fedora             44 k
 libXi                   i386       1.1.3-1.fc8      fedora             28 k
 libXinerama             i386       1.0.2-3.fc8      fedora             12 k
 libXrandr               i386       1.2.2-1.fc8      fedora             21 k
 libXrender              i386       0.9.4-1.fc8      fedora             27 k
 libXt                   i386       1.0.4-3.fc8      fedora            170 k
 libacl                  i386       2.2.39-12.fc8    updates            20 k
 libart_lgpl             i386       2.3.19-3.fc8     fedora             77 k
 libattr                 i386       2.4.38-2.fc8     updates            12 k
 libbonobo               i386       2.20.2-2.fc8     updates           469 k
 libbonoboui             i386       2.20.0-1.fc8     fedora            352 k
 libcap                  i386       1.10-30          fedora             24 k
 libdaemon               i386       0.12-2.fc8       fedora             26 k
 libgcrypt               i386       1.2.4-6          fedora            176 k
 libglade2               i386       2.6.2-3.fc8      fedora             64 k
 libgnome                i386       2.20.1-2.fc8     fedora            966 k
 libgnomecanvas          i386       2.20.1-1.fc8     fedora            228 k
 libgnomeui              i386   fedora            1.0 M
 libgpg-error            i386       1.5-6            fedora             62 k
 libpng                  i386       2:1.2.22-1.fc8   fedora            244 k
 nspr                    i386       4.6.7-3.fc8      fedora            119 k
 nss                     i386       3.11.7-10.fc8    fedora            877 k
 pango                   i386       1.18.4-1.fc8     updates-testing   362 k

Transaction Summary
Install     47 Package(s)
Update       1 Package(s)
Remove       0 Package(s)

Total download size: 56 M
Is this ok [y/N]:

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