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Re: rawhide 20080117 issues

On Fri, Jan 18, 2008 at 03:22:29AM -0500, Chuck Anderson wrote:
> Not all of these have bugs filed yet, but these are the issues I've 
> encountered so far in a fresh rawhide install.
> Anaconda/Install issues:
> Graphics not refreshing properly.  Seems to be some delay in the GUI 
> being refreshed on the screen.
> GRUB bootloader install got stuck--didn't exit the grub command, had 
> to manually type "quit" on ALT-F3 console.
> first bootup:
> fsck: primary superblock features different from backup, check forced.
> firstboot:
> rootpassword.py, Import Error: No module named cracklib
> first login:
> pulseaudio unable to gain high-priority scheduling privs
> GNOME Volume Control - defaults to Microphone volume instead of PCM.
> Enable Desktop Effects - crashes X
> Wireless Card - iwl4965 is blacklisted by default?!?

This one has been around for as long as I've had this Thinkpad 
T61/Intel graphics:

suspend-to-ram/resume works -- except that it won't stay suspended!  
It resumes immediately after suspending.

hibernate/suspend-to-disk works fine and doesn't have this problem, 
except that the text screen turns green and stays that way.  X doesn't 
suffer any ill effects from this, but text consoles stay with a green 
background until a full shutdown/reboot is done.

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