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Current Rawhide just a bit too raw


Upgraded my desktop to Rawhide packages this morning and rebooted, and boy, it was not a positive experience.  Too many issues all possibly tied together to just stick them in bugzilla, so here goes...

I know Rawhide is in constant development and not expected to be stable.  Still, perhaps at least some of the problems I encountered today are not yet known and worth reporting, so I'm sending them here in the hopes that the relevant developers will know what to do about them or will be able to offer me more advice about how to collect enough information to file a useful bug report.

First time I tried to log in after the upgrade, login hung with a blank screen (well, not blank exactly, it had the same background that the login screen has).  Ended up killing and restarting dbus-daemon, killing gdm-binary and logging in again, and it worked the second time.  I was unable to reproduce this issue after upgrading again from Rawhide this evening and rebooting again.

Got this error when I logged in:
The panel encountered a problem while loading "OAFIID:IntlClockApplet".  Do you want to delete the applet from your configuration?
Said no.  After upgrading again from Rawhide and rebooting, the problem persisted.  This time I said yes and re-added the clock applet to my panel; so far it's working.

"Shut down..." and "Restart..." are still missing the from the footprint pop-up menu in my GNOME panel.  They were there before GDM was replaced and were supposedly eventually going to come back, but I heard that months ago and it still hasn't happened.  Frustrating.

Tried to restart my machine by logging out and clicking the "Restart" button on the login window, but it didn't seem to do anything.  Eventually used ctrl-alt-F1 to switch to the text VT, logged in as root and rebooted there.

Hate the new GDM login window and would like to put it back to a simple username prompt, but can't find any documentation anywhere of how to configure the new GDM (I assume there's a way to get that kind of login window, but who knows, perhaps I'm wrong about that as well).  /usr/share/doc/gdm-2.21.5/README makes reference to an INSTALL file which isn't included in the RPM.

Using openchrome driver, attempts to watch a video with mplayer using xv resulted in a green screen and lots of CPU hosage.  Had to use "-vo x11" to get mplayer to work.  I believe xv was working before this morning's upgrade.  After this evening's upgrade, xv seems to have started working again.  Cool, but I don't see anything in this evening's upgrade which would explain that, so I can't help but suspect that the problem I had before I upgraded this evening hasn't really gone away but rather is simply intermittent.

When I double-click on "Computer" on my desktop, instead of getting a window showing the drives and devices on my computer, my desktop icons flash and then I get a window showing my home directory; I suspect this means that nautilus is crashing and restarting (and the fact that my nautilus process changes PID and timestamp when I do this would seem to confirm this theory).

If I click on a mailto: link in firefox when I don't have thunderbird running yet, then firefox pops up a thunderbird composition window, but when I then try to start thunderbird's main window while the composition window is still open, it fails.  This probably isn't a new bug, but I just noticed it now.  To be able to launch thunderbird, I have to close the composition window.

After this morning's upgrade, was unable to blank a DVD+RW using dvd+rw-format.  After upgrading this evening and rebooting, it's working now.

After blanking a DVD+RW with dvd+rw-format, I got this:
Bug reporting tool

The application gnome-mount has crashed.  Information about the crash has been successfully collected.

This application is not known to bug-buddy, therefore the bug report cannot be sent to the GNOME Bugzilla.  Please save the bug to a text file and report it to the appropriate bug tracker for this application.
Don't know where to report it.

After upgrading this evening, when rebooting the Avahi daemon reported a shutdown failure.  Can't reproduce this by running "service avahi-daemon restart" without a reboot.  Ditto and ditto for ConsoleKit.


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