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Re: Skype crashes

Antonio M wrote:
2008/1/23, Andrew Farris <lordmorgul gmail com>:

Can you get any more info about whats going on there?  Try going to runlevel 3,
startx to login, then run skype and see if useful error text results.  Check for
kernel messages, xorg log.
 > startx 2>&1 skypecrash.txt



when I issue teh command in runlevel I get errors and the graphic
server is not started. Am I missing something?? and where is the
skypecrash file created???

The file would be created in your current working directory.  You could do:
startx 2>&1 /tmp/crash.txt

If you wanted.

Unless I'm mistaken startx should be working if your X config works... I haven't checked whether the scripts are broken under rawhide, so I suppose they could be.

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