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Re: How to become fedora tester?

Valent Turkovic wrote:
Hi, I some great features in rawhide and would like to check them out.
I tried this and it fails to give gui after that, I see that X starts
but I don't see gdm or gnome even trying to start...

How I tried to become rawhide tester? Here is how:
Installed clean F8 Live CD on ext3 8GB partition with separate /home
(shared with other distros I have)
updated F8 with latest patches and rebooted (300MB of updates!)
forced yum to use development updates with "yum updates
and after 600MB of updates I restarted with no gui
I deleted xorg.xonf and tried another go and nothing happened.

Is there another way to become a rawhide tester?


Its highly advisable not to share your /home with rawhide, since app settings and such saved in there can really wreak havoc, and keeping in mind many of the rawhide packages get built right out of bleeding code changes... its not guaranteed not to delete it all. Unless thats backed up often its just not worth losing your shared configs/setup/data...

If you can, its best to just give it its own partitions home and all, in an lvm if you want, but separate anyway.

One method for installing is to get the boot.iso from the development mirror and burn it and use that to do an install. You can then do network install from the mirror (find the url to the closest mirror for you, ftp or http). You need the path to the directory os, or rather where you find the /Packages directory.

What you tried to do should work, but often doesn't this early in devel.. after the alpha alot of the upgrade path issues tend to get fixed (missing requires, etc). The yum upgrade does need tested though. ;)

Usually, going for rpm, python, glibc, and yum first, then doing the full upgrade works best for me, but as a few emails to the list recently pointed out some problems occurred trying to do yum first (I think that should be fixed).

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