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gettext test fail

I dunno , the last few gettext version I've built have failed on the tests at
I wondering if there is a software bug which fails to run the tests properly
because this has been reoccuring

make  check-TESTS
make[3]: Entering directory
PASS: gettext-1
PASS: gettext-2
PASS: gettext-3
PASS: gettext-4
PASS: gettext-5
PASS: gettext-6
PASS: gettext-7
PASS: msgattrib-1
PASS: msgattrib-2
PASS: msgattrib-3
PASS: msgattrib-4
PASS: msgattrib-5
PASS: msgattrib-6
PASS: msgattrib-7
PASS: msgattrib-8
PASS: msgattrib-9
PASS: msgattrib-10
PASS: msgattrib-11
PASS: msgattrib-12
PASS: msgattrib-13
PASS: msgattrib-14
PASS: msgattrib-15
PASS: msgattrib-16
PASS: msgattrib-17
PASS: msgattrib-properties-1
PASS: msgcat-1
PASS: msgcat-2
PASS: msgcat-3
PASS: msgcat-4
PASS: msgcat-5
PASS: msgcat-6
PASS: msgcat-7
PASS: msgcat-8
PASS: msgcat-9
PASS: msgcat-10
PASS: msgcat-11
PASS: msgcat-12
PASS: msgcat-13
PASS: msgcat-14
PASS: msgcat-15
PASS: msgcat-16
PASS: msgcat-properties-1
PASS: msgcat-properties-2
PASS: msgcat-stringtable-1
PASS: msgcmp-1
PASS: msgcmp-2
PASS: msgcmp-3
PASS: msgcmp-4
PASS: msgcomm-1
PASS: msgcomm-2
PASS: msgcomm-3
PASS: msgcomm-4
PASS: msgcomm-5
PASS: msgcomm-6
PASS: msgcomm-7
PASS: msgcomm-8
PASS: msgcomm-9
PASS: msgcomm-10
PASS: msgcomm-11
PASS: msgcomm-12
PASS: msgcomm-13
PASS: msgcomm-14
PASS: msgcomm-15
PASS: msgcomm-16
PASS: msgcomm-17
PASS: msgcomm-18
PASS: msgcomm-19
PASS: msgcomm-20
PASS: msgcomm-21
PASS: msgcomm-22
PASS: msgcomm-23
PASS: msgcomm-24
PASS: msgcomm-25
PASS: msgcomm-26
PASS: msgconv-1
PASS: msgconv-2
PASS: msgconv-3
PASS: msgconv-4
PASS: msgconv-5
PASS: msgconv-6
PASS: msgen-1
PASS: msgen-2
PASS: msgen-3
PASS: msgexec-1
PASS: msgexec-2
PASS: msgexec-3
PASS: msgexec-4
PASS: msgfilter-1
PASS: msgfilter-2
PASS: msgfilter-3
PASS: msgfilter-4
PASS: msgfilter-sr-latin-1
PASS: msgfmt-1
PASS: msgfmt-2
PASS: msgfmt-3
PASS: msgfmt-4
PASS: msgfmt-5
PASS: msgfmt-6
PASS: msgfmt-7
PASS: msgfmt-8
PASS: msgfmt-9
PASS: msgfmt-10
PASS: msgfmt-11
PASS: msgfmt-12
PASS: msgfmt-13
PASS: msgfmt-14
PASS: msgfmt-15
PASS: msgfmt-16
PASS: msgfmt-properties-1
PASS: msgfmt-qt-1
PASS: msgfmt-qt-2
PASS: msggrep-1
PASS: msggrep-2
PASS: msggrep-3
PASS: msggrep-4
PASS: msggrep-5
PASS: msggrep-6
PASS: msggrep-7
PASS: msggrep-8
PASS: msginit-1
PASS: msginit-2
PASS: msgmerge-1
PASS: msgmerge-2
PASS: msgmerge-3
PASS: msgmerge-4
PASS: msgmerge-5
PASS: msgmerge-6
PASS: msgmerge-7
PASS: msgmerge-8
PASS: msgmerge-9
PASS: msgmerge-10
PASS: msgmerge-11
PASS: msgmerge-12
PASS: msgmerge-13
PASS: msgmerge-14
PASS: msgmerge-15
PASS: msgmerge-16
PASS: msgmerge-17
PASS: msgmerge-18
PASS: msgmerge-19
PASS: msgmerge-20
PASS: msgmerge-21
PASS: msgmerge-22
PASS: msgmerge-compendium-1
PASS: msgmerge-compendium-2
PASS: msgmerge-compendium-3
PASS: msgmerge-compendium-4
PASS: msgmerge-compendium-5
PASS: msgmerge-compendium-6
PASS: msgmerge-properties-1
PASS: msgmerge-properties-2
PASS: msgmerge-update-1
PASS: msgmerge-update-2
PASS: msgmerge-update-3
PASS: msgunfmt-1
PASS: msgunfmt-2
Skipping test: configured with --disable-csharp
SKIP: msgunfmt-csharp-1
PASS: msgunfmt-java-1
PASS: msgunfmt-properties-1
PASS: msgunfmt-tcl-1
PASS: msguniq-1
PASS: msguniq-2
PASS: msguniq-3
PASS: msguniq-4
PASS: msguniq-5
PASS: msguniq-6
PASS: recode-sr-latin-1
PASS: recode-sr-latin-2
PASS: xgettext-1
PASS: xgettext-2
PASS: xgettext-3
PASS: xgettext-4
PASS: xgettext-5
PASS: xgettext-6
PASS: xgettext-7
PASS: xgettext-8
PASS: xgettext-9
PASS: xgettext-awk-1
PASS: xgettext-awk-2
PASS: xgettext-c-1
PASS: xgettext-c-2
PASS: xgettext-c-3
PASS: xgettext-c-4
PASS: xgettext-c-5
PASS: xgettext-c-6
PASS: xgettext-c-7
PASS: xgettext-c-8
PASS: xgettext-c-9
PASS: xgettext-c-10
PASS: xgettext-c-11
PASS: xgettext-c-12
PASS: xgettext-c-13
PASS: xgettext-c-14
PASS: xgettext-c-15
PASS: xgettext-c-16
PASS: xgettext-c-17
PASS: xgettext-csharp-1
PASS: xgettext-csharp-2
PASS: xgettext-csharp-3
PASS: xgettext-csharp-4
PASS: xgettext-csharp-5
PASS: xgettext-csharp-6
PASS: xgettext-csharp-7
PASS: xgettext-elisp-1
PASS: xgettext-elisp-2
PASS: xgettext-glade-1
PASS: xgettext-glade-2
PASS: xgettext-glade-3
PASS: xgettext-java-1
PASS: xgettext-java-2
PASS: xgettext-java-3
PASS: xgettext-java-4
PASS: xgettext-java-5
PASS: xgettext-java-6
PASS: xgettext-java-7
PASS: xgettext-librep-1
PASS: xgettext-librep-2
PASS: xgettext-lisp-1
PASS: xgettext-lisp-2
PASS: xgettext-objc-1
PASS: xgettext-objc-2
PASS: xgettext-perl-1
PASS: xgettext-perl-2
PASS: xgettext-perl-3
PASS: xgettext-perl-4
PASS: xgettext-perl-5
PASS: xgettext-perl-6
PASS: xgettext-perl-7
PASS: xgettext-php-1
PASS: xgettext-php-2
PASS: xgettext-php-3
PASS: xgettext-php-4
PASS: xgettext-po-1
PASS: xgettext-properties-1
PASS: xgettext-python-1
PASS: xgettext-python-2
PASS: xgettext-python-3
PASS: xgettext-python-4
PASS: xgettext-scheme-1
PASS: xgettext-scheme-2
PASS: xgettext-scheme-3
PASS: xgettext-sh-1
PASS: xgettext-sh-2
PASS: xgettext-sh-3
PASS: xgettext-sh-4
PASS: xgettext-sh-5
PASS: xgettext-sh-6
PASS: xgettext-smalltalk-1
PASS: xgettext-smalltalk-2
PASS: xgettext-stringtable-1
PASS: xgettext-tcl-1
PASS: xgettext-tcl-2
PASS: xgettext-tcl-3
PASS: xgettext-ycp-1
PASS: xgettext-ycp-2
PASS: xgettext-ycp-3
PASS: xgettext-ycp-4
PASS: format-awk-1
PASS: format-awk-2
PASS: format-boost-1
PASS: format-boost-2
PASS: format-c-1
PASS: format-c-2
PASS: format-c-3
PASS: format-c-4
PASS: format-c-5
PASS: format-csharp-1
PASS: format-csharp-2
PASS: format-elisp-1
PASS: format-elisp-2
PASS: format-gcc-internal-1
PASS: format-gcc-internal-2
PASS: format-java-1
PASS: format-java-2
PASS: format-kde-1
PASS: format-kde-2
PASS: format-librep-1
PASS: format-librep-2
PASS: format-lisp-1
PASS: format-lisp-2
PASS: format-php-1
PASS: format-php-2
PASS: format-python-1
PASS: format-python-2
PASS: format-pascal-1
PASS: format-pascal-2
PASS: format-perl-1
PASS: format-perl-2
PASS: format-perl-brace-1
PASS: format-perl-brace-2
PASS: format-perl-mixed-1
PASS: format-perl-mixed-2
PASS: format-qt-1
PASS: format-qt-2
PASS: format-scheme-1
PASS: format-scheme-2
PASS: format-sh-1
PASS: format-sh-2
PASS: format-tcl-1
PASS: format-tcl-2
PASS: format-ycp-1
PASS: format-ycp-2
PASS: plural-1
PASS: plural-2
PASS: lang-c
PASS: lang-c++
PASS: lang-objc
PASS: lang-sh
PASS: lang-bash
PASS: lang-python-1
PASS: lang-python-2
PASS: lang-clisp
PASS: lang-elisp
Skipping test: rep not found
SKIP: lang-librep
PASS: lang-guile
> Loading package Iconv
> Loading package I18N
FAIL: lang-smalltalk   <----- Not sure on this one but it's been a
consistant failure
PASS: lang-java
Skipping test: configured with --disable-csharp
SKIP: lang-csharp
Skipping test: gawk version too old
SKIP: lang-gawk
PASS: lang-pascal
PASS: lang-ycp
PASS: lang-tcl
Skipping test: perl package Locale::Messages is not installed
SKIP: lang-perl-1
Skipping test: perl package libintl-perl is not installed
SKIP: lang-perl-2
PASS: lang-php
PASS: lang-po
PASS: lang-rst
1 of 321 tests failed
(6 tests were not run)
make[3]: *** [check-TESTS] Error 1
make[3]: Leaving directory
make[2]: *** [check-am] Error 2
make[2]: Leaving directory
make[1]: *** [check-recursive] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory
make: *** [check-recursive] Error 1
error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.9442 (%check)

RPM build errors:
    user mockbuild does not exist - using root
    group mockbuild does not exist - using root
    user mockbuild does not exist - using root
    group mockbuild does not exist - using root
    user mockbuild does not exist - using root
    group mockbuild does not exist - using root
    user mockbuild does not exist - using root
    group mockbuild does not exist - using root
    Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.9442 (%check)
[gjohnson localhost ~]$ 

Any help is sincerely appreciated
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