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Re: Name of the triage group?

On Saturday 26 January 2008 03:52:42 am David Nielsen wrote:
> fre, 25 01 2008 kl. 21:47 -0500, skrev Jon Stanley:
> > An interesting question came up on IRC, and figured that I would start
> > a discussion here.  The name BugZappers does not really relate to
> > triage (according to John Poelstra, anyways :) ).  So I figured that
> > it would probably be good to open it up for discussions - what shall
> > we call ourselves?  A few names were suggested on IRC -
> >
> > Bugtenders (kinda like a bartender, but for bugs) - "hi, I'll take a
> > kernel+openoffice, please!" :)
> > BugBlasters
> >
> > Whatever name we come up with, we should have a banner for it for all
> > of our wiki pages in order to properly brand it.  We can make a design
> > request to the art team once we figure out what the name is going to
> > be.  As always, discussion is welcome!
> The term bug has several problems including being technical and hard to
> internationalise nicely. I propose the Issue Removal Squad.

I don't like the use of the word removal there. How about something simple 
like the Issue Team (or Bug Team if you prefer that)?

> - David *the only things certain in life is death and software bugs*
> Nielsen


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