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three days with rawhide

I installed a fresh rawhide via network install and here my, rather positive reactions to rawhide, offcourse there are rough edges but that will hopefully get fixed in coming weeks...

I liked the new Firefox 3 and it works great, KDE4 also works as expected of .0 release. New gdm seams nice, but needs some polish (why is there a guest account on gdm?), PackageKit look great! just still crashes a lot (expected I guess),

Obvious issues I came across:
- can't reboot or shutdown from gnome dekstop - logout is the only option
- gdm has shutdown and reboot buttons but they don't work, had to use command line "poweroff" to shutdown the laptop - swfdec plugin for flash doesn't work for videos but only for flash ads and banners - audio clicks loudly once on gnome load (probably my hardware issue, not something others will probably see) - kde bar not in the bottom of screen but in the "middle". I use external monitor for laptop. laptop has 1280x800 and lcd had 1280x1024 but kde4 "sees" only the lcd and positions it's bar ok for lcd screen but on external monitor it looks silly - so the bar is almost in the middle of the screen lcd.

Nothing of this is in bz but if somebody suggest that it needs to be I'll put it there.


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