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Re: compiling Rawhide kernel


one has just to be stubborn; ignore the warnings you will get a working kernel.

It seems the warnings aren`t that important and all works out. The documentation is still ok.

The only problem is the kernel-name %buildid. I`m not sure if it does not work or if I made a mistake, but the generated kernel has the generic-name.

cu romal

Andrew Farris schrieb:
gjohnson5 wrote:
Does that process apply to F9 kernels.
It says pretty clearly that this applies to F8 only

I believe that is specifically because it does not apply to F7, but I'm unaware of any differences yet in rawhide kernels that would prevent the general process from working (I have not tried to build one though). Just a general process how to get the kernel spec to build with your own patches or configs.

Andrew Farris-2 wrote:

Are you attempting to follow (more or less) this process?

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