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Re: 2.6.24 kernel released...for F7, F8 and F9?

John Summerfield wrote:
Jim Cornette wrote:
drago01 wrote:

I like the older releases keeping the older versions. I have to run the older version because of a network lockup which rawhide kernels exhibit.

If you want that kind of stability, you can have it with CentOS.

If you reference versions as snapshots of current development with limited support life cycles, it would disadvantage people who decided to stay back in the earlier snapshots. It distracts productive time from developers in my opinion to have to provide parallel support for different timestamped versions which will reach end of life shortly. Only security updates should be offered for the earlier versions. An exception would be for removing and closing an open bug ticket for a problem that is not fixed until a later version which requires no excessive amount of work for the developer in order to make a version for the older release. If it is relatively certain that no bugs will be introduced when the kernel is upgraded on older versions, go ahead and provide an update. I have a problem with hardware breakage for updated versions of a kernel. Others are bound to have similar problems. For Fedora 7, aren't the devices called /dev/hdx still? Wouldn't that cause a lot of grief for Fedora 7 users?

Just my view. I'll know to stay back to a .23 if Fedora 8 goes to the .24 version for now.

In my view,

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