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Re: 2.6.24 kernel released...for F7, F8 and F9?

Andrew Farris wrote:

You know, there is nothing holding you back from not updating kernels, even if .24 versions are backported and pushed out for f7/f8. The kernels that have been built before it are available, and should continue to be until EOL (well, forever actually if you just keep a copy for yourself).

Right now I let yum keep just the two kernel entries and hopefully am not running the fc9 version while running yum. I periodically grab the latest version of a Fedora 8 version of the kernel to ensure relative advancements and security patches are applied. If the version was upgraded to .24 instead of maintaining the currently available .23 version I would loose out on bug fixes and security fixes unless I personally back ported the fixes. Also there is nothing preventing someone from running an f9 kernel on an earlier version operating system. I realize nash and mkinitrd might need upgraded also for proper kernel installation. It doesn't make sense to me to hold off on application improvements and only want newer based kernels. I see that these type of individuals exist so I'll live with the different philosophical differences in approach to kernel and applications.


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