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Re: three days with rawhide

On Jan 26, 2008 2:57 PM, Valent Turkovic <valent turkovic gmail com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I installed a fresh rawhide via network install and here my, rather
> positive reactions to rawhide, offcourse there are rough edges but that
> will hopefully get fixed in coming weeks...
> I liked the new Firefox 3 and it works great, KDE4 also works as
> expected of .0 release. New gdm seams nice, but needs some polish (why
> is there a guest account on gdm?), PackageKit look great! just still
> crashes a lot (expected I guess),
> Obvious issues I came across:
> - can't reboot or shutdown from gnome dekstop - logout is the only option
> - gdm has shutdown and reboot buttons but they don't work, had to use
> command line "poweroff" to shutdown the laptop
> - swfdec plugin for flash doesn't work for videos but only for flash ads
> and banners
> - audio clicks loudly once on gnome load (probably my hardware issue,
> not something others will probably see)
> - kde bar not in the bottom of screen but in the "middle". I use
> external monitor for laptop. laptop has 1280x800 and lcd had 1280x1024
> but kde4 "sees" only the lcd and positions it's bar ok for lcd screen
> but on external monitor it looks silly - so the bar is almost in the
> middle of the screen lcd.
> Nothing of this is in bz but if somebody suggest that it needs to be
> I'll put it there.
> Valent.

I found one new and is the most irritating one so far. Keyboard layout
chooser in gnome doesn't work. I deleted xorg.conf file and that
defaults keyboard to US layout and I need Croatian, obviously. In
Fedora 8 setting it to Croatian layout switches to Croatia layout
emediatelly and in Rawhide is stays on US layout.

In which component of bz should I post this bug? X ? Gnome ? Some
other component ?


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