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Re: 2.6.24 kernel released...for F7, F8 and F9?

Jim Cornette <fct-cornette <at> insight.rr.com> writes:
> It doesn't make sense to me to hold off on application improvements and 
> only want newer based kernels. I see that these type of individuals 
> exist so I'll live with the different philosophical differences in 
> approach to kernel and applications.

That's why application updates are also pushed to stable Fedora releases where 
it makes sense. :-)

For example, we're always pushing bugfix releases of KDE (x.y.z -> x.y.z+1), 
and we (well, Than Ngo, and Rex Dieter independently in his kde-redhat 
repository, as this was before the Core-Extras merge) already pushed a 
x.y.z->x.y+1.0 update once (3.4.x->3.5.0 in FC4) and we plan to do that again 
in Fedora 9 (4.0.x->4.1.0). What we _don't_ push is x.y.z->x+1.0.0 updates 
(thinking in terms of the kernel, that would be like updating a distro which 
shipped with 2.4 to 2.6), if you want KDE 4 for Fedora 8, you can get it from 
the kde-redhat unstable repository. (Note that the packages in kde-redhat 
unstable are rebuilds of the packages we're working on in Rawhide, there aren't 
separate "official Fedora" and "kde-redhat" flavors of KDE anymore. We're also 
using kde-redhat-devel as our SIG mailing list these days.)

        Kevin Kofler

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