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Re: three days with rawhide

Valent Turkovic wrote:
I installed a fresh rawhide via network install and here my, rather positive reactions to rawhide, offcourse there are rough edges but that will hopefully get fixed in coming weeks...

I liked the new Firefox 3 and it works great, KDE4 also works as expected of .0 release. New gdm seams nice, but needs some polish (why is there a guest account on gdm?), PackageKit look great! just still crashes a lot (expected I guess),

Obvious issues I came across:
- can't reboot or shutdown from gnome dekstop - logout is the only option
- gdm has shutdown and reboot buttons but they don't work, had to use command line "poweroff" to shutdown the laptop

This got fixed in last night updates. Not I can reboot and shutdown from gnome. I haven't yet tried loging out an they trying to shutdown from gdm but I hope that also works now.


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