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Re: no sound again :(

Tom London wrote:
Easiest way to work around this until it gets fixed is to boot in
permissive mode.

An easy way to do that is to add "enforcing=0" to the end of the grub
prompt at boot time.  You'll need to do this each time you boot....

Of course, this doesn't fix anything, just works around the issue
until a fix is available (whether to selinux or to ConsoleKit or to


Thanks! The amount of errors caused by console-kit-daemon are in great access. I filed under one report since they were all common to console-kit-daemon.

I tried permissive but switched back to enforcing after reporting the errors. I will wait for the errors to be resolved. I'd rather have protection than sound for now. I rarely use sound any more. System beep still works though.


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