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Re: FSTAB Hell

Andrew Farris wrote:
Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R wrote:
If some problem develops with /etc/fstab Fedora stops loading
and offers to either invoke a single user shell or reboot.

Unfortunately the single user shell is on a readonly filesystem.
This defeats the purpose of going single user to fix it, doesn't it?

This happens with the current Rawhide and back to at least FC7.

Ubuntu allows one to proceed under this condition.

There is actually good reason not to mount rw automatically in that situation; what ubuntu is doing is perhaps reasonable (for a target audience), but is inherently risky as well. Their choice there, I would argue, would be the wrong one for Fedora. Mounting ro first gives you ample opportunity to access the situation before deciding if you need to go to an external rescue environment rather than mount the broken one rw... possibly saving some of your data.

I would want to see for myself what ubuntu's doing; several times I've been fooled by an mtab dating back before the latest reboot.



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