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Re: partition tip ?

Arne Chr. Jorgensen wrote:

What would be a smart way to partition a disk ?
I have Fedora core 6 installed, but would like to test F8 and have it as a separate partition  However - I had used the entire disk, and I have not found
any way to resize the partition.  Have tried "resize2fs" - but it says "online resizing required".  What does that mean ?

It does?

ext3 supports online resizing, but I think only for growing.

I have tried different suggestions I have found regarding Logical volumes, but have not found anything that work.
I am attempting to save some data, and may do a clean install again, but
it no longer seem like a good idea to have all space given to a single volume ?   Any  tip on this subject ?

New disks are cheap. Adding a second disk is a safe way to accomplish what you want.

I have not resized LVM, but I have done with with straight ext2/ext3 partitions. In fact, I can't see any advantage to me in using LVM.

Tbe procedure, some years ago, for making ext2/2 smaller was something like this. You do not have any partitions on the disk mounted.
0. Backup.
1. e2fsck -f
2. resize2fs to a new size. I suggest smaller than your target.
3. delete the partition.
4. Create the partition. Check very carefully that your new partition is at least as large as you resized to. 5 resize2fs to the partition size. If your partition is smaller than you resized to in step 2, you are in deep do do.

You cannot move the start point of any partition.
You can join two or more partitions to make one larger partition, but you can only do this and retain the (physically) first of the partitions.

If you have any doubts and care about your data, buy a new disk. If you're working on a laptop, you can fiddle partitions as you copy the data, and if you need to, you can copy Windows with ntfsprogs; one of the programs in the set, ntfsclone does the grunt work, but there are other useful tools in the set.



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