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Re: partition tip ?

Andrew Farris wrote:
Arne Chr. Jorgensen wrote:
It's possible to have dual boot, like Fedora + Windows. Is it not possible
to  have a  dual  boot,  like  FC6 and F8 ?

Yes you can do that, but there are a few complications. Fedora by default labels the partitions in a simple way (LABEL=/, LABEL=/home) and mounts these by label. If you have two distros installed you'll need to have them labeled so as not to conflict, and that means some manual editing of fstab and labeling the filesystems.

The only alternative I'm aware of for that is hiding partitions from grub, although I'm not sure if that fully fixes the problem once the kernel takes over and anything other than the root is mounted. If you had a common /home and only two separate / partitions which contained the entire install that might work.

I don't think Grub has a lot to do with it.

Conflicting names (partitions and volume groups is a problem).



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