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Re: partition tip ?

Arne Chr. Jorgensen wrote:

What would be a smart way to partition a disk ?
I have Fedora core 6 installed, but would like to test F8 and have it as a separate partition  However - I had used the entire disk, and I have not found
any way to resize the partition.  Have tried "resize2fs" - but it says "online resizing required".  What does that mean ?

I have tried different suggestions I have found regarding Logical volumes, but have not found anything that work.
I am attempting to save some data, and may do a clean install again, but
it no longer seem like a good idea to have all space given to a single volume ?   Any  tip on this subject ?


Creating a separate primary partition for /boot, /, /usr, and /home is my general gameplan. If you combine any of those, usr and root are the two to choose. For a desktop machine (or just a couple users), its basically unimportant to separate the diskspace, and even if you wanted to quotas could be used, so isolating /tmp, /opt, /usr, and / is not that necessary.

If you have only 2 primary partitions to use, make boot and home primary, and the rest in an extended partition (which requires a primary of its own to live in).

This lets you nuke the whole install and keep just home if necessary next time. That speeds up reinstalls when working with rawhide or even updates-testing. You can backup any configuration you've got in /etc/ or /root/ to your /home (keeping the perms by cp -a) and just wipe it all. To get from where you are to a configuration like that, tar your home and copy it to somewhere else (a few dvds?).

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