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Re: partition tip ?

On 2008/01/28 17:19 (GMT-0800) Arne Chr. Jorgensen apparently typed:

> What would be a smart way to partition a disk ? 

Before installing any operating systems. :-)

With a tool that creates partitions compatible with all operating systems
that you can imagine ever using. :-)

Leaving unpartitioned any space you don't expect to need for the foreseeable
future. :-)

Generic partitioning info & links:

> I have Fedora core 6 installed, but would like to test F8 and have it as a separate partition  However - I had used the entire disk, and I have not found
> any way to resize the partition.  Have tried "resize2fs" - but it says "online resizing required".  What does that mean ?

Trouble, unless you have a good backup system and don't mind risking your
data to experiments with unfamiliar disk management software.

Try resizing with gparted. It's what's commonly used by people wanting to add
Linux to their systems already fully populated by windoz.

> I am attempting to save some data, and may do a clean install again, but
> it no longer seem like a good idea to have all space given to a single volume ?   > Any  tip on this subject ?

Lots, but since there is no "best" way to partition, recommendations really
need to be based on knowing full details about what exists now, in addition
to what you want to do.

http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/tmp/dfsee/gx260L05.txt shows the partitioning of a
system that I just configured over the past few days. Disregard the
description of Rawhide on partition 11. That partition currently currently
carries no OS due to the F8 and Rawhide installers' brokenness, refusing to
function after networking has been configured. All SUSE and Mandriva
partitions are fully functional, with full access to all partitions on the
disk from all installed Linux distros.

http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/tmp/dfsee/gx150L02.txt shows another system's
partitioning, on which F6, F7 & F8 are all installed, in addition to a bunch
of other distros.

http://mrmazda.no-ip.com/tmp/dfsee/kt880L02.txt shows yet another system's
partitioning, where LVM is used and partition count is lower, and where I
have Rawhide installed.
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