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Re: partition tip ?

Enrique Garcia wrote:
Hi, Am I  newbe in linux, but i have two Fedora in my computer.
Fedora 32 8 in a Ide Disk and Fedora 8 64 bits in a external USB
Woxter 80 GB 2.5 and when i boot fron USB  all works fine and it's a
cheaper Way


I'm really glad that works without difficult setup now, thats a nice improvement from years past. The install experience has more things to improve, but thats a big one thats been done.

2008/1/29, John Summerfield <debian herakles homelinux org>:
Andrew Farris wrote:
Anaconda is smart enough to create labels which do not conflict with
already existing ones.  At least this was the case when I was adding
new installations on the same machine.  I could redo later these
labels to be consistent across a particular installation but this is
only for my own sanity.  I may have five or six distros, between
Fedora and CentOS and x86_64 and i386, on my test box at a given
I was not aware anaconda was now doing this correctly, that certainly
would be an improvement over the last time I tried multiple physical
I was wondering why I didn't actually recall name collisions when I was
testing FC6, RHEL5 (twice) and some others on one system. I'd put it
down to an approaching new decade.



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