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Re: partition tip ?


Great thanks to you all ;) 

As the machine has a hardware RAID controller, things became a bit different then
usual. I found it difficult to manually set up partitions, due to the RAID system,
or because the way Fedora might "speaks" to the driver.

Michal Jaegermann wrote:
> If you have multiple Linux installations on one host then it is a
> very good idea to have one "master boot partition", used by grub
> installed on MBR, with a menu which chainloads grubs, with boot
> sectors installed on partitions, for all instances.  You will see
> why on the first kernel update.  The very first boot may require
> some "manual work" before boot menus were edited.

This is exactly some of the idea I had in mind.
How to do it, is the difficult question.

( used with some Win-server-version, but when it crashed, none did seem
able to get it running again. Instead of having some loose system CD's
floating around, they had been placed under the feet of it during transport !!) 
- in short: don't have any other OS to consider.

Felix Miata wrote:
> > What would be a smart way to partition a disk ?
> Before installing any operating systems. :-)

Right, and thanks for the good info on partitions ;) 


Now, let me see if I understood what Michal wrote:

1. a "master boot partition":
- would this simply be GRUB ?
- with entries like

 title LINUX 1st
        rootnoverify (hd0,0)
        chainloader +1
 title LINUX 2nd
        rootnoverify (hd0,0)
        chainloader +1

2. "with boot sectors installed on partitions, for all instances"
- hmm... ? ( perhaps I am a bit slow right now.. you would have
to create some primary partions ? and then let the install program
use automatic LVM ? ...create 2 ?  a root '/' and a boot '/boot'..?

Guess I am too tired to think right now. ( think a LV's store a structure,
and does this have to be inside the "master partion", or.. hmm..)


- new things can be difficult to grasp, as it has to fall into
some logical place among all the rubbish collected in the past.

me thinket..;)


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