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Re: Trash troubles

2008/1/31, Horst H. von Brand <vonbrand inf utfsm cl>:
Antonio Olivares <olivares14031 yahoo com> wrote:
> --- Antonio M <antonio montagnani gmail com> wrote:
> > After latest updates, if you click on Trash icon on
> > your desktop you get the
> > message that gedit cannot open file trash:///
> >
> > When this mess of nautilus and similia will be
> > fixed??? (I can't open
> > Computer Network- and this situation is at least two
> > weeks long...these are
> > very heavy bugs, preventing for example surfing on
> > network files...).

"Couldn't display thrash:
There is no application installed for this file type"

~/.Thrash is empty here
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after latest updates Trash seems to work, but Network is out of order and Resources/Computer doesn't show all available resources

Antonio Montagnani
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