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Re: X not working with latest updates

On Sunday 02 March 2008 23:22:23 Adam Huffman wrote:
> I've seen a couple of other reports of X failures this weekend.  In my
> case, it doesn't seem to be driver specific.  With intel, vesa and
> nouveau drivers I find that X either ends up blank or with a white
> screen and a cursor.  I'm unable to switch to the console, perhaps
> owing to the ongoing X keyboard layout problems.

  Recompiling the driver should be enough, no?

  I had the same problem with the sis driver, I have rebuild the driver and 
now it works.

  I got the idea after seeing the changelog for the ati driver:
$ rpm -q --changelog xorg-x11-drv-ati
* Mon Mar 03 2008 Dave Airlie <airlied redhat com> 6.8.0-3
- rebuild for upstream ABI breakage

  I got the package from koji BTW.

> I have copied an X log file to another machine but am unsure which
> bugzilla component to use.

José Abílio

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