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Re: Fedora8 x86_64: error starting GNOME Settings Daemon

Arne Chr. Jorgensen wrote:

It seem like there is an error/missing/mixup with "/usr/libexec/gnome-
settings-daemon" - file.   On a couple of occasion I have received the same
packages for i386 and X86_64 during updates.
1. Often installed packets with pirut,  then run yum updates.
2. I have also used Yum extender to install or remove packets.
3. Yum extender and pirut do sometimes report different packets installed.
( I may remove/install with one of them, but this is not noticed by the other )
4. I also found that yum extender fetch files from different repositories, and
there might be a question if repositories are in sync ?

The repos being in sync or not should not harm you as long as they are all compatible repos (if they are all official mirrors, it won't be a big issue if one is a day behind). You are better off picking one way to handle your updates though, since its much simpler to deal with, and you then know you won't have those delays or confusing response from the app about whether updates are there or not.

What yumex does is allow you to access all repos in your .repo files in /etc/yum.repos.d/ whether they are 'enabled' or not. When you do updates, it does not include files from those repos that are disabled, but you can actually select them if you wanted to.

Yum and pirut should report the same things installed or removed, but if you're talking about the updates notifications it will be different at times since those act on cached info from the last time the updates were checked. If you run pirut, or yum, right after each other the info should be the same AFAIK.

I am stuck, as I don't know what to do - I would hate to be forced to reinstall
the whole system,  as the install DVD is not updated,  and I will end up
in all the troubles with the errors that the update package program introduce
with the new xorg-driver that doesn't work from the install DVD.  The new
driver ( xorg-ati) doesn't set up links,  doesn't update configuration files,
and other stuff.

I'm unclear what the problem is here. You want to use the older dvd version of xorg drivers but update other stuff?

Also synaptics device setting will be removed, and gsynaptics does by
the way lack icons in the menu.  If a ksynaptics is installed,  there is a mess
as changes done in one, isn't reflected in the other. So in many cases your
settings has no effect unless you make sure both are the same. Ksynaptics
can adjust the touch area size, which gsynaptics don't.  gsynaptics has effect
on a much smaller area of the touchpad, and if you get outside the area,
the curser go hiwire or will simply start scrolling on it's own with out any finger

It would probably be helpful if you report this in bugzilla and see if there are some improvements that can be made to get these tools to work more closely together (or at least for them to try and share the same config info globally?).

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