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Re: Rawhide questions

José Matos <jamatos <at> fc.up.pt> writes:

>   That popup is asking permission for pulseaudio to have some privileges. It 
> requires the root password.

OK thanks - though since it is behind the splash screen that makes it a bit
difficult to use!
> > 4) The keyboard appears to be still the US keyboard even though I had it
> > set to the UK keyboard - does anyone know if this will be fixed soon?
>   Know problem, it is due to the xorg server, not to kde.

I guess that will be addressed in time.

I tried a wireless connection to a WPA access point using a usb wireless
adapter that needs the rt73usb driver - this works perfectly in F8 but 
in rawhide it won't connect with either wpa_supplicant run manually, or
allowing NetworkManager to attempt a connection. It sees the signal but
has problems connecting - I have not attempted to trace where the problem 
lies though.

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