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Re: Is It Worth Installing F9 Alpha?

Robert L Cochran wrote:
I downloaded the DVD iso of Fedora 9 Alpha some time ago. Is it still
worth installing and then updating,
There is a lot of areas to cover in testing eg boot installer| install process| first boot| server only| desktop only| different desktop environments | different package combinations etc.

As releases get closer sometimes an early test iso might be made available {not normally in the same way}. This is to provide some wider testing of the installer etc before the build and wide distribution of the actual beta etc iso.

Also, there is often boot.iso that can be used to do a network install, though I can't see one right at the moment.

or should I wait for a "beta"
release...or will updating effectively give me the beta?
Yes. You wouldn't however be testing the installer, rather just the package collection. Also missed is a chance to test upgrade from current release whatever you have to the beta.


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