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Building a kernel module separately

Those who've followed my recent questions will have noticed that I am having a problem with f9alpha.

My latest idea to try to resolve this is to build different versions of the sata_piix, libata and the others (I think there are four).

Despite the Jones Boy's claim, I'm sticking to the "it's a kernel bug" thesis.

Currently I have a 2.6.24 kernel that works, and I can point my figner all the the 2.6.25 kernels and assert they don't.

I've built kernels before, that's no problem. What I want to do this time is to take some kernel modules from the source tree for 2.6.24 and build them against a 2.6.25 kernel.

I'm aware that instructions exist for building out-of-tree modules, but I don't know whether they work for modules currently in the source tree.

Any insights?



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