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Re: A Topic that needs to be discussed on next the QA meeting..

Alan Cox <alan <at> redhat.com> writes:

> I think its pretty minor but I would concur that this is a mistake and we
> should not magically be opening holes any more than your car should come
> with the equivalent "convenience" feature of always being able to open one
> door without the key in case you lose them.

I am quite surprised that this argument has grown the way it has done.

The availability of sshd makes a very convenient management tool if you have
more than one machine and need access between them. It is not exactly difficult
to add a note in the release notes on how to switch it off if it is not 
needed (service sshd stop/chkconfig sshd off) and that is the end of it.

Even for a new user I would hope that each person doing an install would read
the release notes - there are a number of other issues that could bite if
this was not done before the install went ahead - even for experienced users
of prior versions.

I would find it inconvenient not having sshd running - and in the livecd intall
I seem to remember that sshd is off by default? Hence the simpler install for
perhaps more rookie users might be via livecd instead of the other methods?

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