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Re: GNOME settings daemon does not start


On Wed, 2008-03-19 at 17:19 -0700, Andrew Farris wrote:
> Dominik Sandjaja wrote:
> > There was an error starting the GNOME Settings Daemon.
> I don't know about this one, the problem comes and goes on both my own systems 
> in rawhide right now.  I especially have gnome-settings-daemon fail to start 
> more often when I'm logging in via startx rather than using gdm (currently its 
> causing an selinux issue for me).

same issue, no matter if logging in via gdm or startx. It mainly is
annoying, not so much bothering (except for the now-solved keyboard

> > If anyone could help me to get my German keyboard layout back ... :-)
> For the keyboard you want to xorg-x11-server-Xorg-
> The evdev driver stuff (auto HAL based input device config) is patched out and 
> that should *hopefully* make your f8 xorg and gnome input setup work fine.  Most 
> likely even having gnome-settings-daemon work properly is going to leave you 
> with keyboard issues until that update gets applied.

Yeah, thanks! That solves that issue, at least :-)


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